Welcome to SynergyBarre

Our instruction is rooted in the original barre class technique and caters to all levels; beginners to advanced students. Choreography is minimal, no one gets lost and ballet training is not a prerequisite. All classes are now live and on Zoom.

  • We activate muscles slowly and methodically.
  • We grow to a faster more dynamic pace.
  • We support our body weight and hold.
  • We shake, sweat and heart rates rise.
  • The exercise is strenuous.
  • Our mental focus pushes us to completion.

Our bodies change!

“Maybe it’s the first time you love your body”

Karen Wingate
Owner SynergyBarre

About Us

  • The Results

    SynergyBarre is a results-oriented fitness program combining the shaping benefits of strength training with the poise and discipline of a ballet dancer.

  • My Bio

    I am adventurous and passionate to a fault. Owning my studio SynergyBarre is a natural progression.

  • The Teachers

    The SynergyBarre team of experienced teachers are masters of their craft.

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